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03 October 2011 @ 05:35 pm
October CIs!  
Wow, it's CI time already!

Fleet Commander

Aah... I remember these uniforms well. The Fleet Commanders for the Duvalian Aerial Patrol are the best in the business. On the legal end of the airship business, that is. The Flying Flintlock has battlescars from tangling with these men and women!

The colors are designed to blend with wood and canvas, so that when they swoop in on their clever cloth and metal gliding wings from above, you neither hear them coming nor notice them directly. Until they strike, that is. If you'd like to protect the skies, the Fleet Commander Contribution Item contains a Commander's hat, boots, medallion, and a full set of gliding wings (head, ankle and back). I can only hope you are as brave as they.

Little Hellion

Calesco is the name of the god of Menewsha. A god of fire and a warrior besides. Besides his avatar, the phoenix, he also employs hellions, little fire elementals that protect the island from invaders from below. Or so Jeryck tells me over drinks, in any case. *chuckles*

Equip the lava skin, lava eyes, lava mouth, lava horns, lava tail, or lava wings to look the part, and then pick up your lava axe to defend Menewsha!

These items are sure to go fast, so be sure to purchase them before October 31st!
You'll want to make your purchases early this month!

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