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01 November 2011 @ 11:58 am
November CIs!  
November is a month traditionally reserved for harvests and the eating of said harvests. For huge piles of autumn leaves and the first cold winds of winter. But why settle for the traditional? When you're bundling up, wouldn't you rather think of exotic cultures and silly (or frightful) creatures?

Kappa Trouble

No proper hyakki yakou is truly complete without at least one of these water sprites. Kappa are exceedingly powerful and exceedingly polite creatures. Though they have been rumored to know secrets of healing, they're not the sort of creatures who generously share the knowledge to just anyone. If you wish to appease a kappa, offer it a cucumber. If you need to defeat them, don't try to overpower them - they're far stronger than they look. Instead, bow politely to them. They will be too polite not to return the gesture and will spill the magical water located at the top of their head, rendering them powerless for a short period of time.

If you wish to take on the power of the kappa, you can equip the dried grass hat and water bubble, attain a shell of your own, wear their webbed hands or feet, and speak through their beak. Alternately, you can make new friends with four different kappa buddies, a cucumber to offer them, and a giant lilypad to stand on.

The Power of Voodoo

Not to be confused with 'voudon', voodoo is a powerful magic that uses a hodgepodge of combined beliefs and misconceptions that are strengthened through pure belief, determination, chanting, and dancing. People think you only find this style of 'voodoo' in old Hollywood films and pulp fiction, but it's not entirely the case. There are various parts of the world (like the island of Tapio) that have witch doctors of voodoo because they were inspired by the films and stories. They decided to try it since the style of magical practice seemed more practical than their previous methods of staring at things until something happened. Hey, if it works...

If you'd like to join in the witch doctor's dance of powerful voodoo, first of all you need the proper outfit. We highly recommend either feather headdress, there is a mask, belt, cursed necklace, leg and arm wraps, and of course a fishing spear (with or without feathers, depending on whether you intend to use it to catch dinner or a stray spirit).

These items are sure to go fast, so be sure to purchase them before November 30th!
You'll want to make your purchases early this month!

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